Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowmagdon 2010

As I sit here posting this I can't help but think back to something I posted as my facebook status last night and laugh. I posted that we were going to have a blizzard because the NBC football bum, Cris Collinsworth actually said something positve about the Steelers, which as we all know is RARE! Well when I woke up this morning..guess what..WE HAD A FREAKING BLIZZARD..*gasps* bad roads, school closing the works...OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME...I did it again...saying something and it happens...creepy to say the least! So the crazy photographer I am, grabbed my camera and set off to take more snow sit back, grab a soda and a snack and enjoy!!! LOL!

This image is one of those random snaps that as a photographer, you just have to take it!

My poor dad braved the elements to clean the sidewalks and driveway! Much too his delight the snow was plenty deep to bring out his snow blower! I just had to try my hand at some more selective coloring!

This is one of my favorite photos as the wind is blowing the tree tops all over the place! You can also see how awful our road dept is..LOL!

DEAR LORD WHAT DOES OUR  HARD EARNED TAX DOLLAR PAY FOR?!?!? Must not be used for road salt...LOL!

My mom's poor little bush looks so sad and lonely against the white snow! I couldn't believe how deep the snow was at that point!!!!

This is another shot where the wind was blowing so bad! I loved how the american flag was waving also!

Ok I am being very distracted by NHL hockey, Monday Night Football and WWE Monday Night Raw so I am gonna end this here and try again tomorrow!!!

Have a great evening every one!!!

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