Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my new blog

Today I realized that since I made the big switch from Nikon Dslr to Canon Dslr that I have a ton more photos and needed something productive to do with I saw an ad for Blog spot and I knew I had to try my hand at it one more here I go again! I also started this blog so that on 1-1-11 I can start my 365 day photo project and see just how far I can take it..:D

I decided to start my blog with a form of photography that I have found interesting since I got a new canon nifty fifty lens...FOOD...who doesn't like food and what better else to do with a camera and new lens...LOL!

Belong are just a few of the many FOOD photos I've taken:

This is not the best image as far as composition but I was trying to get a photograph of how green the broccoli was.

This was a better composed photo as far as composition...This is my friend from out of town's steak and rice pilaf...I had to photograph it because it was cool how he laid his silverware across the food!

Still not the best composition but I got the entire plate after many tries and many laughs as to the meaning of this food!!! LOL!

Thanksgiving!!!!! My favorite meal of the year, because its only on this day do you get to devour the lovely tastes of Turkey and the fixings! The above photo is the top of our durkee green bean casserole...what is Turkey Day without!

Green Bean Casserole ready for its time in the oven! I was salivating way too much to compose this image yes i need to find another subject to work on better composition with...LOL!!!

Fresh out of the oven and hot and gooey!!! I love how you can see the different layers....YES, I managed to compose a proper photo...LOL!!!

My yummy plate of Turkey Day goodness! I devoured some of my favorite dark meat turkey, some marinated broccoli (a must if you like Italian dressing), cranberry chutney, stuffing, mashed potatoes and of course the yummy goodness of the green been casserole! In the words of Rachel Ray...Yum-o! LOL!

I bit off more than I could chew (literally). I felt so bad wasting food because there were people who didn't have the good warm meal that I did, but having been a gastric bypass patient my stomach was saying.."HEY DUMMY STOP...YOU TOOK TOO MUCH" so I was forced to waste food *sighs*  Any one who knows me will tell you that I am a very emotional person and take every thing to heart, so knowing there are hungry people and I was wasting food just shattered my heart into a zillion tiny pieces!

Flash forward many hours and you have Dessert! Of course I had to have my yearly slice of pumpkin pie! I was half way thru the slice when I realized my photo documentation of the meal would  be incomplete if I didn't take a photo of my pie I hurried up and grabbed my camera and thru the salivation I took a photo...LOL!! After devouring this yummy goodness, I am now looking forward to Pumpkin Log for Christmas! :D

OK so I have posted my first blog which is very exciting for me! I will be posting another one tonite while I enjoy NHL and college hockey! GO PENS, PREDS and WISCONSIN BADGERS!!!


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