Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Snowed In"

Today was NO different than yesterday. Schools cancelled, roads an icy and sloppy mess. Another day, the photographer in me was itching to get outside and try to get some different perspectives of the snow fall. I think I did accomplish a few different shots from the past two days.

I walked out my door and this is what I was greeted with...SUNSHINE...OH EM GEE...I thought this lovely sight was gone til Spring!! I just couldn't resist the urge to snap this....my eyes wish I'd of say NO...LOL!!!

This image caught my eye after I took the shot in the sun....A shadow in the snow...how cool!!!!

I thought this photo looked cool as a vintage post-card!

My patio....The porch furniture is out there because it was supposed to be going to camp...um yea as you can see it never made it there...and we were using the grill to cook out on when the fall days were nicer!

I was walking past one of my dad's footprints and it looked really cool in the new snow that had fallen!

This poor tree always gets buried in snow...2010 is no exception...but a beautiful subject to shoot in the snow!!!

My poor truck...buried in the snow...like it was last winter..but that's OK...it can stay there and I will drive the big Ford truck!!! I really don't mind driving in the snow..I just don't like the PA wacko jobs who 1. CAN'T DRIVE IN IT or  2. ACT LIKE MORONS  while driving in it! So for now, my lil red beauty can stay buried!!!

OK this post is gonna end here so that I can go obtain some food so that my stomach stops growling! I will be back later with a post of photos of my lil fur baby!!! I just have to sift thru the bi zillion photos I have taken of him since purchasing my new camera..lol!!!

Signing off til later!

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