Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Fur Baby

As I am sure a lot of you already know, 4 years ago m family & I welcomed the cutest black pug ever into our home. I came home from work after a long day and there was this big box in my dining room, so of course I being the biggest Neb nose had to run to see what was in the box and OMG IT WAS OUR PUG...I was so happy I squealed and of course grabbed the camera for baby photos....I even made birth announcements, which like my family, I am sure you all think its bizarre!!! He was from that moment on forever known as "JAKEY" and the rest is history! I am very biased towards the little fellow! He is one of the BEST dogs my family and I have owned! He is my mom's Lil man but the 8 hrs a day she is at work, he is all mine! He will crawl up with me and cuddle, watch sports, and he gives the best dog kiss facials..LOL which as gross as that sounds can make my bad days, perfect!! He is also the best 4 legged photography model. Every time I get a new camera or a new lens, he becomes my guinea pig! I've gotten a ton of funny shots! He is the master of! I have too dang many so I have decided to limited my blog to 10 photos of him!!!


He loves to sleep with my blankets but when I took this photo, the Lil bugger was curled up on my pillows! Just as a snapped this shot, he yawned!!!

This photo had me in massive giggles! He looks like he really is sticking his tongue out to ruin my photo or tell me how he really feels about having his photo!!!

Yes, this photo appears to be upside down, but he is standing on his hind legs looking back at me for his treat! One of my favorite shots of him!!!

My Lil grumpy Gus...looks like something off the movie "Grumpy Old Men" lol!!!

this is a blooper photo....He was coming to explore my camera lens and I thought it would be funny to see how the shot came out...LOL!!!

This is the saddest photo I have ever taken of almost breaks my heart!!!

Stretching after one of his many daily!!!

Well I am going cross eyed so I'm gonna end this here...but I'm sure there will be a few more posts about this Lil man!!!

Good Night and Sleep well!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Snowed In"

Today was NO different than yesterday. Schools cancelled, roads an icy and sloppy mess. Another day, the photographer in me was itching to get outside and try to get some different perspectives of the snow fall. I think I did accomplish a few different shots from the past two days.

I walked out my door and this is what I was greeted with...SUNSHINE...OH EM GEE...I thought this lovely sight was gone til Spring!! I just couldn't resist the urge to snap eyes wish I'd of say NO...LOL!!!

This image caught my eye after I took the shot in the sun....A shadow in the cool!!!!

I thought this photo looked cool as a vintage post-card!

My patio....The porch furniture is out there because it was supposed to be going to yea as you can see it never made it there...and we were using the grill to cook out on when the fall days were nicer!

I was walking past one of my dad's footprints and it looked really cool in the new snow that had fallen!

This poor tree always gets buried in snow...2010 is no exception...but a beautiful subject to shoot in the snow!!!

My poor truck...buried in the it was last winter..but that's can stay there and I will drive the big Ford truck!!! I really don't mind driving in the snow..I just don't like the PA wacko jobs who 1. CAN'T DRIVE IN IT or  2. ACT LIKE MORONS  while driving in it! So for now, my lil red beauty can stay buried!!!

OK this post is gonna end here so that I can go obtain some food so that my stomach stops growling! I will be back later with a post of photos of my lil fur baby!!! I just have to sift thru the bi zillion photos I have taken of him since purchasing my new!!!

Signing off til later!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowmagdon 2010

As I sit here posting this I can't help but think back to something I posted as my facebook status last night and laugh. I posted that we were going to have a blizzard because the NBC football bum, Cris Collinsworth actually said something positve about the Steelers, which as we all know is RARE! Well when I woke up this morning..guess what..WE HAD A FREAKING BLIZZARD..*gasps* bad roads, school closing the works...OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME...I did it again...saying something and it happens...creepy to say the least! So the crazy photographer I am, grabbed my camera and set off to take more snow sit back, grab a soda and a snack and enjoy!!! LOL!

This image is one of those random snaps that as a photographer, you just have to take it!

My poor dad braved the elements to clean the sidewalks and driveway! Much too his delight the snow was plenty deep to bring out his snow blower! I just had to try my hand at some more selective coloring!

This is one of my favorite photos as the wind is blowing the tree tops all over the place! You can also see how awful our road dept is..LOL!

DEAR LORD WHAT DOES OUR  HARD EARNED TAX DOLLAR PAY FOR?!?!? Must not be used for road salt...LOL!

My mom's poor little bush looks so sad and lonely against the white snow! I couldn't believe how deep the snow was at that point!!!!

This is another shot where the wind was blowing so bad! I loved how the american flag was waving also!

Ok I am being very distracted by NHL hockey, Monday Night Football and WWE Monday Night Raw so I am gonna end this here and try again tomorrow!!!

Have a great evening every one!!!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Today I am really lagging behind...I guess you can say too much Steelers excitement for me last nite! I am going to blog about my favorite holiday decorations that belong to my mom and I. I am not sure if we are doing a Christmas tree or not so I just went thru the house snapping away at the decorations my mom does have up thus enjoy!

I have 2 Christmas collections. Snowmen and Moose/Reindeer! This snow man I believe was given to me when I did child care many moons ago!  Camera battery was dying so I didnt have a lot of time to look at the doily that creeped in, and I forgot to turn off my pop up flash so I got a horrible shadow..*sighs*

This is my mom's snow man candle! Too cute to burn but if she'd ever decide too it would smell like Christmas Cookies! Again, badly composed due to dying battery and shadow from pop up flash..All things I know are photography "No No's" but this is what hurrying like a fool gets me..*sighs*

This frosty fellow is a third generation snowman...My great-grandma made this and my grandma inherited it when great-g-ma passed away...and my grandma downsized her decorations and he moved in with my mom.! It just isn't Christmas without this frosty fellow out for all too see!

This frosty lil princess was a gift. Her dress is so darling...the bulbs come off and can be rearranged on her Christmas Tree skirt!!!

My mom painted these!  It was part of her Christmas present, something to keep her busy during the winter months!

This handsome fellow was a gift from one of the best bosses and dearest friend I ever had! Her and her daughter and grandsons, who I adore and share a birthday with got this for me and I will ALWAYS treasure it as I do their friendships!

Well that is all that I have to share in this post! Not sure what the next post will be yet..but there will be one later tonite while I listen to my hockey..supersition...can not watch or they lose!!! GO PENS!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Misc Sunday Post II

As I sit here listening to my family go ape over a silly football game, I have decided for sanity purposes I would blog some more! If you don't blog, I recommend it...very therapeutic! Also listen to some relaxing music while you blog...I've got some Josh Groban in the background!
OK so any one who  knows me will tell you, that I hate having my photo taken because of my morbid obesity that I am working to get rid of and that I bleed for the blue and silver of the Dallas cowboys...WHAT you say..NOT THE STEELERS...BLASPHEMY...well yes it is...but until this season I barely got to see my cowboys on TV so I was forced to root for the black and gold. Well this season my boys in blue and silver decided it was cool to tank their season away so I am now forced to be a *gasp* bandwagon steelers fan.  I do own steelers stuff along with cowboys stuff and this season I am probably one only a few who believe Big Ben is innocent so today I asked my bro to take a photo of me sporting the Big Ben jersey..but of course I had to sport something pens! My bro proceeds to tell me that my smile is "cheesy" WTF I don't know how to be serious so here ya have my poorest attempt at serious..I have to say I love my baby bro for not doing a full body shot. OK  enough about me...on to more of  MY work!!!

This next few images were taken from the window of my 2nd story bedroom over looking my neighborhood during the snow today!

The bear in the left corner of this photo has spent the last 2 Christmas holidays in the same spot...last year he was literally buried up to his paws by the blizzard of 2009...praying he doesn't have a repeat in 2010.

Like the poor bear my neighbors car is once again covered in snow and was buried to its roof last winter!

I love my cute Lil neighborhood in the winter!!! very quiet and looks so pretty with the snow covered roof tops!

Any one familiar with Butler knows about AK Steel...which is down over the hill from my house! I can not get over how clear this is...taken with my nifty fifty mm lens!!!

This is a poorly composed image but I was standing in my mom's new window blinds trying to get the snow on the ledge of the house....and wouldn't ya know...she caught me..BUSTED..LOL!

Yes, I snuck a better composed image in after she left the room..LOL!!!

Well I have posted all my snow photos to this point!!! Hopefully I wont have any repeat blizzard photos like last winter!!!

Good Night all!!! More blogging tomorrow during the pens game!!

Misc Sunday

As I sit here watching it snow and awaiting the highly anticipated Steelers vs Ravens game, I am going thru some images on my hard drive and decided to do a post with misc images..that really dont have a theme just some of my favorites!

This was just one image of many that I had to post...something about it is eye catching!

Trying my hand at selective coloring...not my best attempt..:(

Cool fish tank in the maternity ward of the local hospital where I live...the fish is really this blue/green color!

I have several addictions that I love to photograph. Clouds are one of them...I just love when they are fluffy white on a beautiful blue sky!

This is not the smartest photo to ever take but I thought "OH WELL" and gave it a try and was totally floored by the outcome..:D

SUNSHINE *sighs*  This just blew me away when I uploaded it...this is SOOC (straight out of camera) with NO editing!  As I sit here editing I am jamming to my fav Broadway Musical soundtrack.."The Lion King"..the african lyrics just put me in the mood to dance! If you haven't seen it yet....I highly recommend it especially if you have kiddos!

These were the first leaves to fall from the trees in my yard!

I am loving this vintage processing!!!! This is a photo of another one of my addiction, American Flags! Being the daughter of a 2 tour Vietnam Vet I was born and raised to respect the colors of this flag!

I am gonna have to post in two posts...I take too many photos and am addicted to editing them...I will post more during the steelers game...Yes, I do not watch because 1. this game will be too nerve wracking and 2. I cant co-exist with my family during the games...I become a raving lunatic and scream and yell and get mad at them for no!

CIAO for Now!