Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow of 2010

Well mother nature much to my dismay has blessed us with cold weather and a slight dusting of snow. So I grabbed my camera and flip flops and went off to snap a few shots. YES, flip flops..I will explain more about that in a few!

So I went outside and noticed something VERY side of my side walk was bare and had no snow and the other was covered...WTF I thought...How does this happen?

So now I must explain the flip flops in the snow...well as you can see from the photos I have a broken and bruised toe and a severely swollen ankle which made it impossible to get sneakers on

This is my empty snow covered bird bath. This makes me really sad because I am so used to seeing the splashing of many varities of birds!

The next few are some winter shots that I used some unique post processing methods on!

This was shot over my neighbors house and I thought it looked pretty cool with a vintage processing!

This is a sketch processing of my neighbor's house! I really thought this one was super cool!

Ok..writing this post has given me the chills so I will end it here! My next post will involve my sweet lil fur baby!!

Good Night All!

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